LinkedIn Introduces 2 New Features – Targeted Updates & Follower Statistics

Author: Chris Marentis
Published: May 10, 2012 at 4:02 pm

LinkedIn recently announced the introduction of two new features to help support users on the popular social network: Targeted Updates and Follower Statistics. Both of these new features could prove to be very useful for professionals and businesses networking via LinkedIn.

LinkedIn has proven to be one of the top social media networking sites for B2B leads. The network, unlike Facebook and other popular social media platforms, is primarily focused on professional networks for helping individuals and businesses connect and generate leads. When someone creates a LinkedIn account, it’s generally with the understanding that they will be networking with other professionals who will also be looking to possibly work with and generate leads from them.

LinkedIn Targeted Updates

LinkedIn page administrators will soon be able to target their communications and updates to a specific audience within LinkedIn. Per a recent HubSpot post, companies will be able to segment status updates by the following variables:

·      Company Size

·      Industry

·      Job Function

·      Seniority

·      Geography

·      Including/excluding company employees

Targeted updates will only be sent to the specific audience a business chooses to target, but all visitors on a business’ LinkedIn page will be able to see the updates when visiting that business’ page.

LinkedIn Follower Statistics

LinkedIn already offers Page Statistics for users, but the new Follower Statistics feature will allow LinkedIn users to get more insight into how their page is viewed, including:

·      Update impressions

·      Recent followers

·      Number of new followers each month

·      Total following

·      Follower demographics

·      Engagement levels

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