New MySpace: A Review and How To Get Your Invite!

Author: Steve Woods
Published: December 06, 2012 at 5:58 am

Invites are still available on an ongoing basis. Simply tweet me at @YouKnowSteve and share your email address.

The new MySpace re-boot is finally cracking open the door and letting a lucky few inside to see the place. If you want your early-bird opportunity to snap up an interesting username (like Santa or God — or simply your first name) before someone else grabs it, just read on to learn what it takes to get your chance at one of Technorati's eight open invites...

I received my invite yesterday, and began the process I've gone through many a time with (old) MySpace, Friendster, Facebook, Twitter, Google+ and a gaggle of wannabe social networks that tried the marathon but tired out far from the finish line.

I created my user profile.

You'll need to choose from a short list of words to describe yourself. Are you a musician? Photographer? Writer or Promoter? Or a fan? Choose all that relate, then proceed.

New Myspace has a certain magazine cover-like look about its profiles, featuring a much larger image of each user (you have to upload at least a 1024 px wide image), along with a fancy overlaid bio. The overall feel is very professional and highlights each user in a special way that I'm sure will cause many to ponder their profile pic far more than normal.

Unlike an embeddable peripheral on the older interface, it's pretty obvious that MySpace's reboot has at its heart and soul connecting with others through music. Justin Timberlake's influence? You can make a "connection" to another user (such as a friend, artist, musician, or writer), to a shared post or image, to a music album, or simply to a song. MySpace analyzes your connections, and will provide suggestions to "discover" other people, music or content related to what you've been connecting to. Imagine a Pinterest that not only shows your friend's stuff, but also suggests other content from outside your immediate network.

Connections suggested to you have an affinity number, based on how many ways the user or content relates to your previous connections. Affinity is based on three factors: similar musical tastes, mutual user connections, and similar activity. The higher the number, the more perfect the suggested connection might be. Sort of like a socially platonic eHarmony.

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