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Author: Ajeet Khurana
Published: February 10, 2012 at 12:50 pm

Everyone knows about Youtube, Facebook, Twitter, Google+, Tumblr and the oldies like Myspace and Friendster. These have been the foundation of social media, and the building blocks upon which all other sites have been created. Some are bigger than ever, some have dropped off in popularity. But the concept of social networking in all its forms is as fresh today as it was when the experimentation in online communication and sharing first began.

Lately we have seen an emerging trend of social networks becoming smaller. They are shrinking to accommodate users within a specific niche or genre. For example, The Diaspora Project has been created for people who wish to use a social network without giving their information to a third party to own. DeviantArt is another that was created in 2000 to bring together artists.

Originally, we saw people marketing themselves on more popular sites, such as Facebook, Twitter and Youtube. Celebrities and companies would use pages to communicate with fans and customers. But now, that is being taken to a new level. Lady Gaga has announced the launch of a social networking site for fans.

LittleMonsters is a place where her most devoted fans can gather and communicate as part of a kind of high tech fan club. Giving unprecedented access to one another, it is a rather unique concept that is sure to spark moves from others for the same kind of site.

This signals a departure from the social media status quo. Originally an immensely popular figure on Twitter, where she has announced releases, surprises and given fans peeks into her new songs, she has an astonishing 19 million followers there. Now that she has her own site, it is sure to take off with those she lovingly calls Little Monsters, and who she named the site after.

Right now it is in Beta, and you can only sign up when you receive an invite. But potential users can go to the link and provide their name and email to request one. There is no word on when it might open publicly, but already interest has been high.

If she manages to pull it off – and if anyone can, it is Lady Gaga – we should start seeing this happening more often. There have already been small attempts made, such as social media small fries like and Mugglenet that speak to a very narrow field of users.


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