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Author: Bryan Cain-Jackson
Published: January 11, 2013 at 12:56 am

It is the year 2013 folks. The world of news is an ever changing industry – so is the way we get our news. Holding a paper publication and turning a page is starting to become a thing of the past.

How do we feel about that? What do we think about that?

There are a precious few others – if any, that are qualified to best give an assessment on the current state of affairs in the world of online news.

Peter Shankman is best known for his founding of the extraordinary HARO (Help a Reporter Out), which everyone in media has a love affair with. In 2010, he sold HARO to Vocus. Add to that, he’s in marketing, consulting and speaking. He’s even a filmmaker now!! Before all of this, Peter was a fun loving, twenty-something with a journalism degree during which time he co-founded AOL News.

When Peter and I talked, he gave us his opinion and told it like it is.

Bryan: So, it was the beginning of something. No one knew what yet, but it was definitely going to be something different. Tell us about the beginning of AOL News.

Peter: I was one of the co-founders of AOL News. The newsroom there was originally just a wire service. They’d take the stories and post them online. When they decided that they wanted to make this a newsroom, there was about three or four of us and an editor in chief – we turned it in to an actual newsroom. We would curate these stories and do all of these different things. It was quite an amazing time.

Bryan: Did you have any idea of what heights all of this would grow to?

Peter: I was 23 or 24. I was really just doing something that was so much freaking fun. I was able to go to work and enjoy what I was doing and have a blast. It never occurred to me that 20 years later I would’ve created Help a Reporter Out, and then sell it and all of this other stuff. I never imagined all of this.

Bryan: Would you say that you and the other co-founders are the granddaddies of blogging?

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