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Oscar Senti-meter Predicts 'Midnight in Paris' as Winner

Author: Lisa Stephens
Published: February 24, 2012 at 12:43 pm

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It's a big job. The Academy, (@theAcademy on Twitter), this Sunday will share its selection for best performances of the year... rumors aside, Twitter sentiment is with Woody Allen's, Midnight in Paris.

Using a very high-tech, elaborate means of detection and decoding of popularity, tracking and preponderance of tweets, the skilled technicians at USC Annenberg Innovation Lab have developed language-recognition technology which proposes to gauge opinion of the Twitterverse. Over the course of the past year, these researchers have been analyzing tweeters and the tweeted in attempts to build better techniques in understanding the opening weekend box office popularity of Hollywood's hits and misses.

Dubbed, the Senti-meter, this technology catalogs the tweets over a period of time, and gives insight surrounding Hollywood’s awards season. Professor Jonathan Taplin, Director at the lab, believes his findings have merit. Regarding one of his predictions last year, in which one of Hollywood's big-budget films was determined would come in well-under box office projections, says Taplin, “It’s amazingly accurate.”

Professor Taplin claims sentiment to be more important than tweet frequency in his research, although the technology does also track the number of tweets. He has used approximately 5,000 tweets in judging sentiment per category, just to test how well his program is doing, and says that he feels his results have been accurate.

Now his analysis has predicted the possibility of another upset, this one for Oscar's best picture of the year. These latest results from February 17th, proclaim Midnight in Paris as being Twitter's stellar standout. The movie's 2,081 tweets analyzed as 'more positive' clearly indicates a lead over the others.

Stay tuned, and keep tweeting.

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