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Promoted Tweets: A Goldmine for App Developers

Author: Lisa Stephens
Published: March 01, 2012 at 3:05 pm

See this?

   promoted tweet icon

That's what will get noticed in your Twitter timeline at the bottom of a tweet from a verified account during the course of promoting brand behavior on Twitter when viewing Twitter with your desktop.

While Promoted Trends and Promoted Tweets have been available to brands and accounts for a while now, the newest Twitter 'trend' will be to allow app developers to introduce news and promotable brand activities through device activation on application device capture... app developers have an advantage.

Twitter announced on their blog on Tuesday, "With our most recent app updates, Promoted Accounts are now in Twitter for iPhone and Twitter for Android. And in the coming weeks, we’ll begin introducing Promoted Tweets in the timeline on these mobile apps."

Not all users will be able to pick them up right away, says Twitter, "Initially, a small number of users may see Promoted Tweets near the top of their timelines from brands they already follow. This will help ensure that people see important Tweets from the brands they care about."

Keeping relevant timelines for its users continues to be Twitter's primary objective.

Promoted opportunities on Twitter have ability to arouse the appetite for current, relevant, appropriate interest. Not just brand participation, but branding anticipation. What's hot? Twitter describes what its users #discover.

I found this on my timeline just now...

Mickey D's

I don't follow McDonalds, but #ShamrockShake is a Promoted Trend in Denver.

App developers have the advantage in inventing better mobile adherence to market suitability with developed app client management.

It's traction in mobility marketing.

(FYI... Mickey D's has drive-through.)


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