Research Shows Top Social Networks for Driving Offline Activities

Author: Geoff Simon
Published: December 21, 2012 at 5:29 am

Connecting the dots between online social interactions and offline activities has become an increasingly important metric, but also one that is probably the most difficult to actually measure. But that didn't stop San Diego based ACTIVE Network (NYSE: ACTV) from trying. The company, who helps businesses and organizations get participants, manage events and build communities released the findings of their 'Beyond the Click' survey which looked at the top 5 social networks and the role they play in driving offline activities. In total, 500 responses were collected via a web-based survey administered by, with 99% stating that they took action offline as a result of interacting online.5 social networks used in the Beyond the Click survey

The three most popular offline actions taken as a result of online engagement were being able to contact someone directly, attend an event, and participate in an activity like a sport or class. In terms of contacting someone directly, Facebook and LinkedIn are more likely to promote direct contact on an in-person meeting. 40% of respondents said Facebook prompted them to meet someone in-person, while 25% said LinkedIn did. This is in addition to the 70% of respondents who were prompted by Facebook to contact someone, and the 56% of people who were prompted by LinkedIn.

Driving Event Participation 

As far as participation in an event such as a class, seminar, sport or conference, Facebook and Twitter were the two most likely to drive this type of engagement. 58% were driven by Facebook to attend an event, and 44% participated in an activity due to the social networking giant. Twitter also prompted participation in events and activities, although not to the extent Facebook did. 31% said Twitter was the influence for them attending an event and 25% for participating in an activity.

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