Review: Insightpool Attempts to Demystify Twitter for Business, But Something's Missing

Author: Andre Bourque
Published: July 24, 2013 at 11:05 pm

This guest product review was written by Shane Paul Neil. Shane is a native New Yorker having grown up in the Bronx and currently residing in Brooklyn. He has a background in small business having run his own real estate franchise as well as a sports training company for runners, triathletes and cyclists. Shane is the managing director for Agent Labs marketing as well as a contributor for Huffington Post, and City Coach. Shane is available for freelance or feature writing opportunities.You can find him on Twitter @ShanePaulNeil

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Since the launch of Twitter in 2006, it has been clear that some get it and others struggle with how to capitalize on the second largest social media platform. Seven years into the launch of Twitter, its basic functions (hello hashtag) and its benefits are an enigma for many businesses. InSightPool-SocialMktgFellaJustifying the expense of social media managers and “experts” is something the average business still struggles to justify. Insightpool seeks to provide targeted metrics to its users to parse exactly who to engage based on keyword searches, and statistics, in theory negating the guessing game that results in lopsided follower/following ratios and poor client targeting.

Inbound marketing aficionados will enjoy the premise and function of Insightpool including the Venn diagram breakdown allowing users to find the industry/client keyword sweet spot. Inbound novices, on the other hand, may find themselves playing the expensive equivalent of Twitter Battleship trying to hit the mark on their online marketing efforts.


Though not the fault of anyone on the Insight staff, the program may have users asking the target audience question too late in the marketing process. In a content driven web simply following targeted audiences can be ineffective at best and counterproductive at worst as online marketing leans towards engagement over solicitation.

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