Santa's Online Resources to Help Your Kids Say "I Believe"

Author: Steve Woods
Published: December 17, 2012 at 10:16 pm

It eventually happens. Your little angels grow up and (shudder) start to question the existence of Santa Claus. The questions get more pointed and your flimsy explanations more complex in turn. You see the older ones on December 25th, turning each "Santa gift" round and round, looking for that tell-tale "Made in China" imprint. You can begin to feel the trouble you've gotten yourself into...can't you?

As with all world-ending emergencies, you can categorize the level of yule time doubtfulness into Pentagon-like Defense Conditions, beginning with the least scary DefCon 5 of nagging doubt and descending into the coal-lined abyss of DefCon 1, or total denial.

Never fear, because Santa continues to go high tech, providing real solutions to the Doubting Thomases (and Tinas). Here they are, starting with the least drastic online solution and moving along to all-out war on question-hood.

DefCon 5: The Santa Letter (or Email)

For children who require a minimal form of tangible contact to keep their belief-o-meter charged, the traditional Santa letter tends to perform the job with aplomb. Santa Claus House has been sending out beautiful, customized letters from the big red guy since the 1960s, from none other than The North Pole. They've sent out millions of Santa letters over the years to eager children.

Each personalized letter comes on genuine Classic Santa letterhead, has a Good List sticker, an official mail seal, and a North Pole, AK postmark on it. Along with the letter is a photo of Santa Claus and a toy "Santa Dollar". You know, the currency of every good elf. There's an actual address on the letter, which your child can send replies to if they'd like to thank Santa.

You can choose the style of Santa letter, depending on whether your child has been naughty or nice, or simply has difficulty believing. If you have more than one child in your house, choose from a variety of formats so Santa can take his time and make each child's letter unique.

Not to be left behind with more modern and popular forms of communication, you can choose to order an email from Santa Claus House. Because Santa Claus sends his letters out early in December, this could be a last-minute alternative. The email has the unique classic Santa formatting, and can be printed and kept.

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