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Author: Tommy Walker
Published: May 09, 2012 at 7:29 pm

This is why Pinterest has been able to skyrocket to the 3rd most popular social network in only 2 years.

If the rise of Pinterest & and mainstream acceptance of YouTube tell us anything, it's that people enjoy visual stimulation.

So what's next?

Before we go into predictions, we must first establish some ground rules.

First - A "social network", at this point is nothing more than a distribution network. A conduit for which you can share content with the people around you.  With Facebook having a massive reach of over 900 Million (and counting) users, this is still the most viable platform for mainstream disruption.

Second - To make an intelligent prediction,  we have to first consider where we've been, and how far we've come in that time.

Third - We must also take into consideration current trends then factor the most logical integration within established frame works.

Fourth - "Traditional" media and related industries are declining. The television/music/ and movie industries have been declining steadily over the past several years. "Social networks" partly depend on the content these industries put out because of how ingrained it is to the "social" experience. Without good Tv shows, or music, many of us would be sharing quotes from our boss, not from last night's episode of The Office.

5 years ago, Myspace was in it's prime and is without a doubt the reason why "social networking" became mainstream.

5 years later, the new social network is Google+, it's major innovation - "Hangouts" - allows multiple people to live stream using web cams. It also allows you to watch YouTube videos together, edit documents, and sketch, not to mention all of the other uses outside developers have dreamed up since the Hangouts API is available to the public.

According to Google Insights, searches for live streaming are on the rise.

Whether it's sporting events, television shows, or your cousin that lives half a world away, the public is aware that "live streaming" is possible.

Likewise "Webinar" has been trending upwards over the past several years, even though the first true web conferencing software has been around since the 1990's.

Currently, "social networks" do not have an integrated "live streaming" solution, at least not in the sense where you and I could watch a football game, or live presentation together. (Note: Google+ just launched Hangouts On Air to the masses, with their focus on the "Premium Content Network" and YouTube testing several live streams like Coachella and the Republican Primaries, it wouldn't be surprising if this changes soon)

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