Stanford MBA Voted Most Social Media Friendly

Author: Adi Gaskell
Published: January 24, 2013 at 5:35 am

educationEducation is in the midst of some fundamental changes, with the last year seeing social media based initiatives such as Khan Academy and MOOCs hit the mainstream.

The change is affecting executive education as well, with an increasing number of MBA classes making extensive use of social media. has ranked schools from across the land to find the most social MBA class in the country. compiled data from the social media accounts of more than 400 campus-based schools and ranked them based on the school’s presence and activity levels on social media platforms such as Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn.

Stanford emerged as the winning class in terms of social friendliness.  Harvard and Wharton rounded out the top 3, although no school achieved more than 62.2/100, so there is significant room for improvement.

It must be said of course that the league table used a particular ranking methodology, and didn't take into account the utilization of platforms such as MOOCs for delivering content or engaging with students.  There was also only analysis of public platforms, and thus no insight into what schools were offering private social facilities for students to interact on.

So whilst the league table provides an interesting talking point, I feel there are some flaws in their methodology that leave it somewhat short of providing a true reflection of just how social their courses really are.


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