Take Your Blog on the Road With Weebly's New Mobile App

Author: Steve Woods
Published: May 02, 2012 at 8:15 am

Over the last six years, Weebly has been providing a web-based, user-friendly drag-and-drop site and blog building tool, growing from simple roots to over 11 million users.

Although sites or blogs built using the San Francisco-based company's interface touch on approximately 2% of Web content, according to their press release almost 10% of the U.S. population visits a website that was built using the Weebly interface each and every month.

With such rapid growth and Web reach, the company has definitely not been resting on its laurels, as it has released today a mobile complement to its content-building toolbox.

Available on the iTunes store, the new Weebly iPhone app provides an incredible suite of site and blog-building tools in the palm of its users' hands. Weebly site owners will no longer need to seek out a computer when an ultimately shareable experience or thought strikes their fancy.

"We believe it is critical to give our users a mobile compliment to the web experience," said Weebly CEO and co-founder David Rusenko. "Bloggers, website creators, and small business owners increasingly need to communicate with their audiences on the fly."

More than a simple mobile content updating and moderation tool, Weebly's app allows a user to create a brand new account and website, build its content up from images taken or retrieved on their iPhone, add richly formatted text, customize a navigation scheme and theme, then maintain the site on the run despite any busy life schedule. This means no personal computer is required from blank canvas start to rich-media finish.

"Most of us want to share photos and videos the moment they are captured — or respond to customers and clients immediately", added Rusenko. "Weebly’s iPhone app’s simple drag and drop features make the process a breeze."

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