The Pope Will Now Be Personally Tweeting You on Twitter

Author: Carole Di Tosti.
Published: February 25, 2012 at 4:44 am


I have a cousin who is a Franciscan monk, Father Luciano, and he has an incredible sense of humor. When he was studying to become a monk, he first started with the Benedictines. But he was a prankster and the sour faced and sober brothers didn't appreciate his practical jokes. He was an original Benedictine fail. However, the Franciscans embraced him and loved his humor, so he received a pass and was accepted into their order.

Now, Father Luciano is the priest of the small beautiful church in the mountain town of Frosolone, Italy.  He is the Italian version of a Luddite and only RECENTLY got a telephone, and not because there is no electricity there (They have wind power; windmills string along the Appinnines in the province of Moliese and actually look beautiful.) but because he is adverse to technology and specifically, the commercialism and materialism that comes with it. He receives messages and hears the Pope's sermons on the Vatican radio that he picks up via a wireless or a radio that the Catholic church engineers set up for him. HE HAS NO TELEVISION. Cable? Computer? Ha, ha, ha! Never!

On the other hand, the Luddite priest's leader, the Holy Father, is and must be savvy with all media and technology. And if he is not, his assistants are and they update him. The pope's position depends upon it, so of course, he is aware of the latest social media trends, and it is not surprising that to communicate with his flock, and to appeal to the younger ones and draw them near, he has now engaged the services of Twitter.

Popes have always been chatty with their sheep, using whatever means necessary to get out the message, sometimes in the form of papal bulls, sometimes by enacting gruesome punishments. But now the church's ever present good will to share and connect has stepped into the gleaming light of the 21st century. So Benedict XVI is opening a Twitter account, a Vatican official has announced.

According to Father Claudio Maria Celli, who announced the initiative, "The tweet can be reformulated, redistributed, relaunched and disseminated. In a sense it is like the gospel, a small mustard see that once scattered, grows into bushes where birds can rest." Father Claudio Maria Celli, the head of the Vatican's pontifical council for social communications is a communicator who doesn't mix metaphors; he got the bird thing right!

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