Twitter Responds With New Features in Instagram Battle

Author: Steve Woods
Published: December 15, 2012 at 8:21 am

The mobile war between image sharing service Instagram and Twitter has heated up, as the long-standing micro-blogging champ has fired its own salvo after Instagram drew a line in the sand.

Popular social image retoucher Instagram made a decision to part ways with Twitter's coding backbone, or API, semi-disabling how its filtered images show up in the Twitter stream, likely in an attempt to drive more traffic and social interaction directly on their site. Users saw weirdly cropped images, and were forced to simply share a link rather than the more popular and useful embedding feature of Twitter's stream. This is understandable to an extent, as the popular image filtering site was purchased by Twitter rival Facebook back in April.

Of course, Twitter wasn't going to sit on their hands, watching their users struck with making a choice between networks, either. The long-standing battle between social network goliaths continues.

Twitter has had an image sharing and storing service of its own for awhile now, but no robust filtering system available for its tweeters. On Tuesday, Twitter stood up to Instagram/Facebook's tactical moves, and rolled out an Instagram-like filtering service of its own.

If you've recently updated your Twitter app on your smart phone, you'll see a few additional menu items when you tweet a photo to your followers.

To use the service, just start a tweet like normal, and choose to take a photo, or use one from your Photos app. After taking or choosing the photo, you'll get a simplified menu allowing you to crop and filter your photo.

After your initial crop, you can either see all filters at once in a table view, or you can flip through the filters with a swipe of your thumb. The swiping feature is nicer, because the photo options are larger. Sure, there aren't as many filters as Instagram, but it's a start on Twitter's part.

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