Video on Instagram takes on Vine

Author: Brittney Valenzano
Published: June 22, 2013 at 7:06 am

Once upon a time, there were two apps whose worlds never collided. They lived peacefully, separately, and uniquely in their own ways. Today, Video on Instagram was announced and well…Vine and Instagram are now ruthlessly at battle.

I’ve seen a mixture of emotions—some outraged, some ecstatic; some rejoicing at the fact that they never downloaded Vine because they just knew Instagram would announce video functionality sooner than later. Personally, I don’t expect a great impact. The clever, Vine savvy user base will remain on Vine, and the Vine-challenged will move on. Good riddance, I must say.

In very few ways, Vine and Video on Instagram share similarities. Both platforms let you compile several disjointed clips together, both platforms allow you to save to your Camera Roll, and both platforms allow you to shoot with the front-facing camera so you can make kissy faces at yourself and “share to” Facebook and Twitter.

The remaining features of the two apps however are quite different which will ensure that these apps remain unique in their own quirky ways.

Ability to Edit:

Instagram lets users delete only their most recent shot. There is no going back to previous clips, only the last one. This is a plus for when you’re shooting a really awesome video and someone utters “GO” within the last two seconds. 

Vine does not let users edit their clips. The app only provides the ability to delete bad videos and start over.


Instagram lets you shoot 15 second clips. That’s 15 seconds of your cousin’s newborn baby chewing on a rubber giraffe. It’s just too long.

Vine, so famously (or infamously) known for it’s short and sweet 6-second clips, pushes users to shoot strategically and creatively.

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