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Which Celebs Have Been Buying Fake Followers? - Page 2

Author: Adi Gaskell
Published: April 28, 2013 at 7:04 am

Democrat politician Jared Polis for instance had historically been gaining 15 new followers per day over a two year period.  So it kinda stands out when he gains 19,705 new followers on a single day in July last year.  A few months later some 13,000 of those vanished, again in a single day.

“Nearly the exact amount of followers ‘magically appeared,’ then disappeared,” the researchers said. They suggested that the losses were more likely due to Twitter, which routinely deactivates accounts it deems fake.

50 Cent was another famous face who seemed to lose a massive number of followers very quickly.  He lost 190,342 on a single day in January, which represented a 5,370% jump on his usual daily average.

Car brand Mercedes went even further, gaining 28,283 followers in one day last October.  That was a huge 20,992% increase on the daily average for the past few years.

All of which makes the researchers assertion that the industry in fake followers could be worth anywhere up to $360 million quite believable. 

Aside from the obvious flaws in buying fake people, who in turn seem unlikely to actually buy any of your products, the research also provides strong evidence supporting the improvements made by Twitter in removing fake accounts.

So either way the business of inflating your online ego seems rather a waste of time.  Of course that doesn't mean it won't continue for a while yet.


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