Would You Buy a Fake Facebook Girlfriend?

Author: Adi Gaskell
Published: February 14, 2013 at 5:53 am

fake facebook girlfriendsSocial media has had a peculiar impact upon the way we have relationships.  Research last year showed that befriending a partner on Facebook is generally a bad idea, as the temptation to stalk them becomes too great.

“We weren’t built to think about the person we’re dating having so many other social contacts and friends that might compete with us,” the researchers said. “We like that feeling of exclusivity, that we’re the one that matters first and foremost.”

It was followed later last year by research revealing that 88% of people admit to stalking ex partners on social media.  A further 74% also turned their attention to their exes new partner, or indeed even people they suspected might be the new flame.

So you can see that social media seldom has a positive impact upon relationships.  The need for peer approval on Facebook has however unearthed a rather desperate trend this Valentines Day.

The BBC reveal that an increasing number of people are hiring people to be their 'girlfriends' on Facebook.  For $5, women are offering to appear in a relationship with desperate men.

It's a modern take on the escorting industry, but rather than paying someone to appear on your arm, you pay them to appear on your profile.

"It's mostly guys trying to make someone else jealous," one woman explains. "Or to make their profile look like they've got girls all over them."

For your $5 you get the girl as your 'partner' for a week, during which time she will sprinkle your profile with comments and likes.

Quite who would be fooled by such a charade is anyone's guess, but given the rampant insecurities that Facebook encourages it is perhaps not a surprising development.


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