"You Should Probably" be doing something offline right now instead of reading this

Author: Curtis Silver
Published: August 26, 2013 at 10:40 am

You can easily picture the late night television ads for "You Should Probably", the new Firefox extension that visibly suggests you could be doing something better than screwing around on the internet. The ads would say something like "Are you spending too much time on the internet? Well, we have the app for you!" The extension doesn't block anything on the internet, nor does it censor anything. Instead, it suggests that you could be doing laundry, or yard work or taking a walk.

The extension adds a large red banner to the top of your screen, covering up the top navigation of most of your favorite time wasting sites. Like your mother, it nags you over and over to go to something else instead of wasting time on the internet. You can ignore it all you want, like your mother it won't just simply go away (unless you change the settings of course). You can apply the banner to any site that you feel is wasting your life away, and even customize the messages it delivers.

Maybe the extension won't make you more productive or help you finish work or close business deals, but if you customize the messages enough (say, paste in your to-do list outside of the internet) then you may at least get a head start. Either way, extensions like this show that we have acknowledged we have a problem with getting off the internet sometimes and may just be the first step in our intervention.

Young people especially are spending more and more time glued to their smartphones and the internet. This can't be good for the overall health of the human race, as things need to get done. Every second a person spends performing a useless task on the internet, or reading yet another article about some current event or twerking pop star, is a second not being spent in the real world. While a simple and not entire solution, "You Should Probably" is a solid reminder that we are wasting a lot of time not enjoying the world. Yolo people, yolo.


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