A Sharper Line for NASCAR: Gordon and Bowyer Incident

Author: Hannah Villasis
Published: November 13, 2012 at 5:49 am

ESPN.com conducted a poll resulting to 61 percent of more than 24,000 voters agree that Jeff Gordon should have been parked.

Last Sunday, Gordon intentionally destroyed Clint Bowyer’s car. This ended any chance of Bowyer to win ahead of the championship. Early in the race this year, you can say that Bowyer provoked this hard racing somehow. Last April, he got his teammate Jimmie Johnson and Gordon out of contention in winning the race by doing a dive-bomb onto his last lap.

The question now is, where is the line between being a competitive sport to an all-out dirty racing? How can you also tell if an accident was intentional or not? Let’s leave that to the committee to figure out but there has to be a limit. NASCAR doesn’t have a concrete, fast and obvious rule when it comes to what happened last Sunday. Is the penalty enough? It’s always the battle between balancing a fun sport versus an over-policing and boring race.

Gordon got fined of $100,000. They also penalized him by taking out 25 points and dropped him from 10th to 11th in the standings.

Do you think NASCAR should send a stronger message for such behavior?

*Photo from USA Today



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