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Beards, Spurs and Social Media's Impact On Pro Playoffs

Author: David Goehst
Published: June 22, 2013 at 6:49 am

NBA, NHL and Face HairA swat on the attorney's backside, and Ochocinco received 21 hot meals.  The Bruins and Blackhawks feature some interesting beards, many which have more nests than your old attic.  And then there's the Spurs-Heat Game 7, more interestingly the final game of David Stern's storied career as the commish.

The transformations, interesting sagas and general theatrics that occurred in sports during the last decade alone are no different from those changes which have occurred within other cultural mediums such as music, movies and television. In the case of baseball, basketball and hockey, the respective sales of tickets consistently set sales figures while companies watch their novelty beard sales hit the ceiling, perhaps attributed to the handlebar look Rollie Fingers pimped decades ago.

Social Media's Impact On Playoffs, Beards

Many people love Patrice Bergeron's facial hair pie,although many people have Tweeted that, at least, honorable mention should go to Patrick Kane, or Sidney Crosby. Kane's playoff beard this year is much improved over last year's AND his is way better than Sid's. We can barely tell Sid has any facial hair.

Josh Reddick is sporting his beard while Brian Wilson has nothing better to do than heal, play with his scruff and enjoy the Giants' stellar season thus far.  Overall, social media has not only discussed tonight's Game 7 dramatics featuring Lebron vs Duncan, it continually raves about this year's awesome beard selection.

Bearded Benefits

According to fashionistas at Beards.net, the various beard styles that Zack Galifianakis, Giants fireballer Brian Wilson and even the now-late James Gandolfini pimped are all quite common around the NBA, NHL and MLB, yet Fox News implores potential beard growers to consider more: the nappy throw rug attached to your face can attract and deflect allergens which enter your nasal passages hourly.

A few strands of hair found on a brush, or in the shower is a normal day’s hair loss. It is estimated that women can lose up to a hundred strands of hair a day, and be considered as having normal hair loss.  Not the case with facial hair on men.

Nonetheless, hopefully Stern won't meet a 'stern' goodbye from fans, employees and players he ticked off.  Good luck to all you beard growing fools in sports, and may the best Original Six or NBA team pull off their respective Cups and Rings.


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