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Blog Focus: The New York Yankees are World Series Champs

Author: Patrick Hayes
Published: November 05, 2009 at 12:43 pm

A-Rod drinking 

The marathon of a baseball season is finally over, a few days into November, and for the 27th time in their history, the Yankees are World Series champs.

Pretty anti-climactic, since they committed to about $400 million in salary this past offseason in order to do it. But a championship's a championship, so good work fellas.

Here are some reactions from around the blogosphere:

Replacement Level Yankees Blog: "2009 has been an amazing ride.  I have changed so much since the last title, and this victory means even more to me because of it.  I can’t even begin to note everything that made this season great.  But what the hell, here’s a taste: A-Rod’s returning first pitch HR, Jeter’s amazing season (with 25% more defense!), the Red Sox season series comeback, Cashman’s pep talk in Atlanta, Zombie Matsui (stay away from those buses!), Andy the Battle Cat, the walkoffs, the pies in the face, Yankee Stadium launching pad, Pin’s Vortex Control Panel, Thurm’s Katt, Kate Hudson, WWPTE?, and on and on and on...."

YanksBlog: "Pettitte was impressive, but we'd be headed for Game 7 tonight in the Bronx if it weren't for Hideki Matsui. Matsui completely demolished the Phils, driving in 6 of the Yankees 7 runs (Mark Teixeira drove in the other one), en route to taking home the World Series MVP award."

Pinstripe Alley: "World Series championshp No. 27 is in the books. Remember this feeling, Yankee fans? It's been a while. Hurry up, get to the store, buy some Yankee World Series stuff. Plan your trip to the Canyon of Heroes tomorrow, if you can. Celebrate. The baseball world is back in its proper order — with our New York Yankees on top."

LoHud: "As Hank Steinbrenner said tonight, nine years isn’t much of a wait for most franchises, but for a Yankees team that won four championships in five years, this one seemed to take a while."


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