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Catch Every Minute of London 2012 Live on YouTube

Author: Allison Reilly
Published: March 08, 2012 at 3:40 pm

If you're tired of Michael Phelps, or couldn't care less about gymnastics, then you're in luck this summer. YouTube will be live-streaming every minute of the London Olympics. YouTube is teaming up with NBC to live-stream the Games.

According to NBC, you’ll be able to see every single event live on NBCOlympics.com, which will roughly add up to 3,000 hours of coverage. All of the live-streams will also be available on mobile devices.

This is great news for those who wish to see some of those less popular sports, like field hockey, handball, and archery. It's also great news for those who wish to follow other countries, to follow the United States as much as possible (I hear our equestrian team is really good this year!), or to catch some of those interviews and web-exclusives. Live-streaming is also great option for those who hate commercials, and just want to see more swimming, or cycling, or more everything.

This is a big move for the Olympics and sporting events in general, as this is the first time the Olympic Games will the showcased in this manner, and its likely that future Olympic Games, and television networks, will follow suit. NBC did live-stream the Super Bowl with success, although it didn't have the ad experience that most look forward to when watching the big game.

Nonetheless, who's excited to watch the Olympics on their own terms?


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