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Daily Five: Are the Bobcats Interested in Rasheed Wallace?

Author: Patrick Hayes
Published: February 09, 2010 at 9:46 pm

Each day, we'll take a quick look at five of the most important stories going on in the NBA.

The Association: "Relax Boston... I know it's cold and miserable back east and the long winter is getting to you but you really need to be reminded how The Association works.  The NBA regular season is a very long 82-games over six months. Mix in preseason and hopefully a long postseason and you're looking at a 8 or 9 month season. Veteran teams always seem to hit a lull somewhere between Christmas and Easter. It's impossible to bring playoff efforts when your key players are in their 30's."

Hornets247: "Despite isolating defending to contain him, Carter virtually was unstoppable on his way to a sensational 48-point performance that carried the Magic to a 123-117 victory against the Hornets on Monday night at the Amway Arena."

Pardeep Toor: "Now that we got the stats out of the way, Billups contribution to Nuggets this year is immeasurable. His number aren't overwhelming, his field-goal percentages (42.3) is depressing but he holds that team together and is getting better with age."

Rick Bonnell: "The Celtics need another guard who can knock down shots, which brings D.J. Augustin (or possibly Flip Murray) to mind. Obviously, the Bobcats would love to get Rasheed Wallace, a longtime favorite of coach Larry Brown, who hasn't played particularly well of late in Boston."

Detroit Bad Boys: "While Detroit's win didn't cheer up any playoff hopes, nor did it get us closer to a top lottery pick this June, it did precisely what a good win should-- it entertained us fans who haven't been able to find a lot of entertainment from our team lately.  Detroit was hot from the start, with a first quarter dominated by Jonas Jerebko's rebounding and staunch defense-- holding Milwaukee to just 16.6% shooting from the field."


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