German First Division Soccer Now Headed by “Cinderella” Team - Page 2

Author: neil mcpherson
Published: September 23, 2010 at 11:04 am

With their convincing (2:0) victory over Cologne on Tuesday night, the Mainz 05 crew have now won every game in the last ten successive appearances. Its run of six wins in a row at home is a record for the 105 year old club. Rumors already circulate that several of the players are being “eyed” by more notable clubs with lavish player-transfer budgets. It happens to middle-rank Cinderella teams in a busy competition: they find the talent, coach them to professional level and then watch their hard-earned “achievements” head out the door. We shall see.


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Neil McPherson, Australian writer, journalist & broadcaster, now resides in Mainz Germany. He has been a communication professional for decades. He worked with The Australian Broadcasting Corporation as a producer and broadacster; headed his own PR …

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