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Howard Still Wants Out, Magic Need to Move On.

Author: Dwayne Dunham
Published: July 25, 2012 at 7:03 pm

Orlando Magic GM Rob Hennigan wanted to try once again to get Dwight Howard to believe in his plan to build a championship contender.

That plan, however, will still have to be without the services of the big man.

According to Real GM, Dwight Howard still wants out of Orlando as soon as possible, and that he will never sign a contract with the Magic again. Howard, the six-time NBA All-Star, was expecting to have an outline of how Orlando would be a championship contender, but never got that, sources stated to Real GM.

This has been part of an ongoing soap opera that has been going on for way too long, in the eyes of the fans. The Magic, refusing to just give away Howard for nothing, have seen nothing they feel is acceptable in trading Howard, who signed an opt-in clause in March, giving up his free agency and staying loyal to the Magic, only to change his mind and reiterate his demands to be traded in June. Two complex deals involving Howard's desired destination, the Brooklyn Nets, and the Los Angeles Lakers, eventually fell apart, and with the Nets out of the running (at least until January), the Lakers have become the prime destination for an immediate trade, which would involve Andrew Bynum. The Cleveland Cavaliers, who have been involved in trade talks with both teams, have been frustrated with the Magic, along with many other teams in their inability to get this matter handled.

The Magic have said initially that they would not go through with the Howard saga for another year, but with the rights to the big man in their hands for this season, they are not in a rush to trade him. However, to get the compensation they desire, they will have to make a move somewhere, or else have nothing when Howard's contract is up and he leaves as a free agent. The team needs to also tend to its other players, and also get a coach and staff in place. Orlando is one of two teams that still does not have a head coach in place (Portland is the other team), and without some direction, that is nowhere near what a disengaged superstar wants to have in front him if the team is trying to persuade him to stay.

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