Life Not Only About Tennis for Maria Sharapova

Author: Vladislav Luchianov
Published: December 22, 2012 at 6:56 am

Maria Sharapova on the cover page of Glamour magazineThis year, Maria Sharapova achieved quite a bit to achieve complete happiness, with the exception of just two things: a wedding ring and an Olympic gold medal. Sharapova, a very emotional tennis player, has developed a lot of real Olympic calm. She knows that any failure is a step to her next victory on the tennis court - and in her personal life as well.

The surest way to get Maria Sharapova bored, is to begin talking about tennis during her free time. It doesn't mean that the second racket of the world doesn't want to comment on the loss of Olympic gold, or on the loss of WTA first place (this year she lost first place in WTA ranking to Victoria Azarenka from Belarus).

It also doesn't mean she wants to look modest and doesn't want to boast of her complete collection of Grand Slam titles. She, just like any 25-year-old girl, is not interested in taking part in conversations about her standings or trainings when she wants to relax.

"I will go home with this hairstyle!" she said during a Glamour magazine photoshoot. "I’ll tell my mom that this is my new haircut!" Sharapova added, looking in the mirror. Actually, her "new" haircut is not real. The stylist, inspired by performances of Versace, Elie Saab and Roberto Cavalli, made it by using hairpieces.

Maria Sharapova at photoshoot

Maria, however, is very happy with her reflection in the mirror. She’s a cheerful person in general. "I could lock up myself in the house and endlessly review records of my tennis matches but I'll go crazy if I do so!" Sharapova continued.

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