Feature: 2010 Vancouver Winter Olympics

NBC Hockey Analyst Mike Milbury Refers to Russian Team As 'EuroTrash'

Author: Patrick Hayes
Published: February 25, 2010 at 10:34 pm

NBC hockey analyst Mike Milbury is no stranger to pissing off fans — or allegedly getting in pushing matches with them outside of elevators.

He's basically on TV because he always, always can be counted on to say things that will make viewers mad. It's a very basic strategy in sports media — executives assume fans aren't that interested in knowledgeable people discussing games, so they find windbags instead. It's a lucrative career.

But Milbury making fun of players on NHL telecasts is one thing. Saying that the Russian hockey team played a 'EuroTrash' style in their 7-3 loss to Canada during the Olympics with a worldwide audience is quite another.

Now, the Russians' star, Alex Ovechkin, is a showman who has long been the bane of the hard-nosed Milbury's existence, so it's not surprising that he'd take full advantage of an opportunity to critique one of his favorite targets when Russia and Ovechkin clearly played really poorly.

But even the wind-baggiest of analysts tend to tone their act down for the Olympics. This is a big stage. NBC will almost certainly be forced to take some action — Milbury's words are sparking outrage all over these Internets. While broadcasters saying stupid things is certainly not uncharted territory, saying them during the Olympics with a large international audience is quite another.


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