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North Korean Striker Is Now His Team's Keeper

Author: Nicolas Lewis
Published: June 03, 2010 at 3:06 pm


As if North Korea doesn't have enough problems, what with a horrid dictator and civil rights violations going on left and right within their borders. Now, even their small glimmer of World Cup hope has likely been crushed - by their own two hands (or shoddy penmanship, to be exact).

Each of the 32 World Cup qualified teams initially submitted a 30-man roster by the May 11th deadline, which was subsequently trimmed to 23 for Tuesday's last deadline. Not North Korea - they submitted a 23-man roster the first time and stuck with it.

Just one small problem with that. Kim Myong Won, one of the team's most athletic strikers (so much so that he is nicknamed "The Chariot" for his sprinting skill) will be handcuffed for the now likely short duration of North Korea's World Cup stay.

I don't mean literally - that would be rather odd. No, the team's coaches accidentally listed Kim as a goalkeeper on the roster they submitted to FIFA, rather than striker where he belonged.

Kim will now, according to FIFA rule, only be allowed to enter any game as a goalie. North Korea was already unlikely to advance out of Group G, considered this year's "Group of Death" due to their being joined by Brazil, Portugal, and the Ivory Coast. This squad needs every break it can get just to have a shot at not getting shut out three times, and this is certainly far from helpful.


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