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SkyCaddie SGX Review

Author: Mike Wolfe
Published: June 29, 2011 at 11:24 am

If PGA TOUR players have caddies to help them with yardage, why I don't I have help? I looked back at my rounds over the past couple of seasons and realized when I use a GPS (if it comes with the cart) my rounds have been lower. It makes perfect sense. 

IMG_0055(Hole view on the SkyCaddie SGX)

The easy part was deciding I need one, the tough part was choosing which one I would use. I'm fortunate enough to spend part of my time at the New York Golf Center where could handle the all the GPS devices and talk with the reps for each company. After talking with the people who make the $300 SkyCaddie SGX, it was a no brainer.

There are so many features I'm sure I have not had the chance to play with them all. The most important thing for me is ease of use and accuracy. In talking with the people at SkyGolf I found out they spend millions of dollars each year walking golf courses to make sure everything is accurate. As far as I could tell it works. On several occasions and on several courses I walked off distances from sprinkler heads or yardage markers, each time it was spot on. I've spoken with several people in the golf industry about this device (none affiliated with the SkyCaddie) and they have said it's the most accurate GPS device available.

It seems like the biggest request in a GPS is touch screen. The introduction of smartphones and iPads have made everyone accustomed to it. The SkyCaddie SGX is NOT a touch screen device. It has an easy to use "joystick" to help you navigate along with a few buttons to exit a screen, turn on, or get you back to the main menu. Despite using a iPhone everyday, I actually enjoyed the simplicity of it not being a touch screen. The joystick is responsive and easy to use. It has a "click" feature so after you highlight something, you can click the joystick down and it's selected, it's that easy. After handling many of the devices, I didn't find touch screen to be that great of a feature. 

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