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Social Bowl III: Social Media Becomes Sporting Event Paradigm

Author: David Goehst
Published: January 28, 2013 at 11:16 am

Super Social Media BowlVolkswagen, football and social media.  Three new constants attempting their fate at replacing America’s standard of baseball, apple pie and Chevrolet, all which will take their cracks atop each other’s great stage.

While many will endeavor to focus on Kaepernick’s potentially magical performance and Beyoncé’s stunning attire, millions around the world will view Volkswagen attempting to turn reggae into sales and Mercedes flopping, all through social media platforms hungry for hits.  While for once sports will leave doping, blockbuster trades and other off-season theatrics alone, social media has become today what Washington Post standardized decades ago: current trends and commercialization.

#SuperBowlAds – The Show

Super Bowl commercials, available to anyone with $4 million and thirty seconds of comedy to toss around, have received their own show commemorating how ‘commercial vitae’ blew up beyond control nearly two decades ago, offering Energizer bunnies and quirky shenanigans as one’s means of attracting new customers while keeping playful candor centralized within ad pitches.

Today, Super Bowl Ads will receive millions of #discussions on Twitter, posts on Facebook and shares across LinkedIn groups. Said to take the cake? Volkswagen, from what USA Today reports.

Why Concentrate Solely On Socialization?

Quite simply, because television viewers interact with social media alongside live telecasts.  Whereas TV sets were tuned into major sporting events without much audience participation aside from Fan Cams, everyone is sharing.  And, inside the mind of marketing department heads, sharing is caring.  And caring leads to viral explosions of new customers, repeat buyers or simply more gossip.

Sneak peeks, never before available due to limited media outlets, offer major brands the opportunity to spread joyous news before lackadaisically inclined companies can compete. Advertising has overcome visibility issues and content perplexities and, simply put, have better audience saturation on big stages as opposed to old school methods.

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