The Outfield is Not The Only "Green" Part of Baseball

Author: Sam Peters
Published: February 14, 2013 at 5:51 am

A recent article on PR Newswire suggests composite material in sports equipment has helped extend the life of equipment and make the equipment itself lighter. Composites are made when glass or carbon fibers are combined with liquid resin. When hardened, the equipment is lighter, lasts longer and is more rigid when compared with non-composite items. 

It used to be that sports equipment was made to be disposable. Wear out a glove? Just toss it and go buy another one. Break a baseball bat by accident? Hey, no worries. We’ve got 100 more over in that cabinet. 

The emphasis on the environment and what people can do to save it has extended to the sports industry, as many people now wonder what can be done to extend the life of sports equipment and reduce the need to carve more wood for bats

Bats are even made differently when it comes to composite material. Where a standard wood bat may be whittled and ground down to a bat shape, composite bats are often constructed of multiple pieces of maple rather than just one big piece. The handle is often sanded down to provide a more coarse place to hold the bat. 

According to the website, composite bats that do not feature maple have the same features found in the composite Olympics equipment. Carbon fibers, glass and Kevlar pieces embedded in plastic give you the same feel of a wooden bat with the sustainability of an environmental-friendly bat. Hit a home run and feel proud that less harm was done to your surroundings. 

Of course, with any bat not made of traditional products, there may be a problem. Most individuals recommend these bats not be used in temperatures below 70 degrees, which means most baseball programs that are not located in the South or West are probably out. Look at how long it takes the Midwest to warm up when baseball season begins. These bats would likely break in cold weather or wear out faster than they would with ordinary wear and tear. 

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