We Pledge Allegiance to Brett Favre - The 'Ole Gunslinger Steps Down

Author: Caroline Higgins
Published: January 02, 2011 at 10:54 pm

As Joe Webb, warmed up for his second career start as the Viking’s quarterback, the ‘ole gunslinger, Brett Favre, watched from the sidelines in his street clothes. Favre, who had suffered a concussion two weeks ago, was not cleared for play. What was clear however, was this: It was his final participation as a player in the NFL.

After a 20-13 loss to the Detroit Lions, Favre held court with the press, where he thanked the NFL, his Viking teammates, and his fans as he said goodbye to twenty years of playing. He has no regrets about returning, stating, “It’s been a wonderful ride for me.”

Favre would have liked to have played the last game, but had decided that the wise choice was not to do so. For the first time in his career, he was knocked out during the game against the Chicago Bears two weeks, and didn’t want to risk further damage by playing this last game.

Not stopping at thanking his current teammates, he continued on to thank the Green Bay Packer organization, adding that he felt his time there was special as well. From a team standpoint, it was way more than he had “ever dreamt of,” as he had played with some “great players over the years.”

To play 20 years in the NFL was way more than he had ever hoped for. “God has blessed me from the start,” he finished, as he surrendered the podium to the new guy, Joe Webb.


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