Chicks Dig the Longball

While the game may change with he comings and goings of drugs, corked bats, and mullets, one thing stays the same. Chicks - and dudes - dig the longball. Here at Technorati we touch 'em all, from Prince Fielder's blasts to Ozzie Guillen's Tweets.

Articles in this feature

  1. Apr 26, 2010

    Howard vs. Zobrist: A Tale Of Two Contracts
    Two teams with two very different ideas about how to spend their money.
  2. Apr 22, 2010

    Chicago Cubs Burying Zambrano In the Bullpen
    The Chicago Cubs have decided that the best way to improve their bullpen is clearly to move their best starting pitcher there.
  3. Apr 07, 2010

    Umpire's Ruling: No Time for Batters
    With the length of games a concern with fans, umpires may be pushing batters to the plate.