Best SuperBowl Commercials of All Time

Author: Jesse Bauer
Published: February 04, 2012 at 7:53 pm

Here's a list of the best Super Bowl commercials of all time. Although most of them have been made by specific brands and companies, there were certainly a couple of ads that stood out among the others throughout the years. This Sunday at Super Bowl XLVI in Indianapolis, we'll see many more this year that may or may not be added to this list. As for Super Bowl commercials of years past, this is the list to beat.

Snickers brings in Betty White to show us how hunger can get the best of us. In this ad from the 2010 Super Bowl, the best part isn't really seeing Betty White get tackled, but rather the comeback she has for the opposing team. It's Betty White at her best, and the commercial actually brought her back to mainstream TV afterwards. That demonstrates the power a great commercial can have on the media.



Reebok and Terry Tate create an Office Linebacker for "Felcher & Sons". This ad aired during the 2003 Super Bowl, and highlights for us who work in the office environment, that leaving the coffee empty can have brutally violent consequences. It's fantastic how they took the biggest pet peeves from corporate America and put Terry Tate against the violators. The end result, is a smooth running, efficient office environment, made purely from fear and terror enforced by Terry Tate - Office Linebacker!



Pepsi Max shows that men can take anything. In this Pepsi spot from Super Bowl XLIII (2009), we see how ridiculous tough men can actually be When around other men. The ad goes through a few scenarios of guys taking a beating from hitting a guys head on an overhead barrier out of a Limo's sunroof, to taking a Driver to the head from someones back swing. The best is saved for last in this one where they show a guy getting electrocuted and catapulted across the yard. The theme quote says it all..."I'm Good".


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