Colts May Soon Be Regretting the Day They Let Manning Go

Author: Jake Lasofsky
Published: March 10, 2012 at 6:32 am


Peyton Manning was and will always be an Indianapolis Colt, at least in my mind and heart. Now, I am not a Colts fan but there are just some things in sports that seem inseparable: Derek Jeter and the Yankees, Kobe Bryant and the Lakers, Stan Musial and the Cardinals, just to name a few. And Manning and the Colts seemed to fit that mold. But all good things must come to an end. This was so March 7 when the Indianapolis Colts decided to cut the four-time NFL Most Valuable Player who will be under center for a new team come next fall. But it won’t be the same, seeing Manning without that blue horseshoe on that white helmet.

I can understand the move made by Colts owner Jim Irsay to release Manning of his contractual duties. But that does not mean I agree with it. Irsay cited the start of a rebuilding process as the reasoning behind Manning’s release. Why? Why now? Both Manning and Irsay agreed that the $28 million owed to Manning was not the deciding factor in the decision. So if money did not matter, why just toss him to the curb? Why not, at the very least, trade him and get some value back. Just Manning’s name value alone should land you a draft pick or two.

Sure, the Colts have the number one pick in the draft and with it will most likely select Stanford quarterback Andrew Luck. And what is the point of having two potential star quarterbacks on one roster?

Well, I recall a similar situation a few years back involving the Green Bay Packers’ icon Brett Favre and some guy named Aaron Rodgers. Green Bay used their first round pick to select the University of California quarterback and instead of immediately discarding Favre, the team let Rodgers sit and learn the ways of the NFL for a few years. How did that work out for the Packers? And some have said Luck is not willing to sit for a few seasons. Well I am sure Rodgers felt the same way back in 2005 and again, it turned out pretty well for everyone (Well, maybe not Favre).

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