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Designer Reinventing NFL Team Logos - Is it About Time?

Author: Steve Woods
Published: November 13, 2012 at 5:52 am

Whether or not you're a Pepsi drinker, you know the logo. It's there, tickling the nether regions of your hippocampus, whether you want it to or not, as you read this sentence. Big brands are meant to be that way, to ingrain themselves deeply into your mental DNA, through early and repeated introduction.

Which is why studies have shown that the average American three-year-old can tell you what is the McDonalds logo. Heck, entire board games are built around your almost instantaneous brand recognition.

Some merchandising experts will tell you that one of the worst things a franchise can do is change their brand - particularly their logo - causing consumers to break off their carefully tended emotional relationship with a company's product and mentally start over. As one such company approaches its 100th anniversary, however, designer Matt McInerny would like to see one of America's most iconic businesses do just that.

McInerny has taken upon himself the creatively herculean task of modernizing the team logo of each and every NFL sub-franchise, from the Arizona Cardinals' big angry red bird to the oft-controversial Native American of the Washington Redskins.

Although McInerny is doing this simply out of fun, you can see that he is serious about putting together logos that are both meaningful and eminently identifiable. Many of the branding logos almost look like something you'd find on an iPhone face, readily pressed to get team stats.

But is McInerny's efforts really needed? As the NFL reaches its centennial, perhaps it's time to close the chapter on many-decades-old icons and modernize the logos that grace so many merchandising opportunities.

How many NFL team logos you've seen on cards, commercials, posters, billboards, and Monday Night Football game helmets all of your life (and more recently on websites and apps) can you recall right now? Of these, how many don't make sense?

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