Gridiron Grunts Brings the NFL Back to its Fans

Author: Frank Bianco-Esposito
Published: May 15, 2011 at 4:54 am

The NFL Draft has come and gone, Rashard Mendenhall and Reggie Bush have said some things they may regret, and a bunch of legal nonsense has transpired in court. Other than that, there hasn't been much NFL talk. Football fans everywhere are in serious withdrawal. Now is the time where free agency and trade talks start to heat up, training camp talk starts flooding SportsCenter and we start ranking our fantasy prospects. Instead, all we have is silence.

But now the silence can be broken- Gridiron Grunts is a new iPhone/iPod app that allows fans to keep up with some of their favorite NFL players. If you're tired of the 140-character Twitter updates or are just looking for more player interaction, Gridiron Grunts is the way to go. Using Gridiron Grunts, you can subscribe to your favorite athlete’s "channel" and listen to "grunts" which are recorded voice messages. These grunts come straight from the pros and are uploaded right to the app. Here are some example grunts:

-Sean Weatherspoon, Linebacker, Atlanta Falcons - congratulating Julio Jones on getting drafted by the Atlanta Falcons

-Jason Brown, Center, St. Louis Rams – on the fluctuating lockout situation, and where he’s been working out

-Julio Jones, Wide Receiver, Atlanta Falcons – on plans to work with University of Alabama football coach Nick Saban to help victims of the Tuscaloosa tornado

Other NFL players that have signed on to Gridiron Grunts are Randall Cobb, Vernon Davis, Vontae Davis, Bruce Gradkowski, Aaron Hernandez, Chris Johnson, Ryan Kerrigan, Jeremy Maclin, Mohamed Massaquoi, Kirk Morrison, Christian Ponder, Brian Price, Philip Rivers, Barrett Ruud, DeAngelo Williams, Jason Witten, Lee Ziemba and more.

Users can also create their own grunt networks, grunt with friends, push their own grunts to Twitter and invite friends via Facebook. Here's how it works:

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