NCAA to Penn State: Prepare for the Death Penalty

Author: Stephen Alexander
Published: November 18, 2011 at 7:25 pm

The NCAA, the National Collegiate Athletic Association, is investigating The Pennsylvania State University over the Jerry Sandusky alleged child rape scandal of at least 8 boys, including alleged cover-ups by high ranking university officials.

NCAA Investigates Penn StateThe NCAA is specifically looking at “Institutional Control” issues at Penn State. It is this writer's opinion that this letter is the pretext for the issuance of the Death Penalty.

The Death Penalty is the only way that the NCAA can appease corporate sponsors and bowl selection committees who do not want their corporate images or bowl images to be associated with Penn State and Jerry Sandusky. The Death Penalty, if issued, would force the football team at Penn State to stop playing all games and would disqualify Penn State from participating in post season games.

The Death Penalty issued by the NCAA would not force any bowl selection committees to choose between alienating Penn State fans in the future towards their corporate image or alienating the rest of the world towards their corporate image. It is this writer's opinion that the future actions of the NCAA will be to issue the Death Penalty before the end of the conference championship games.

To his credit, the President of Penn State, Rod Erickson, has agreed to cooperate with the NCAA investigation. It is this writer's opinion that the President of Penn State will agree to bail out the rest of college football by accepting the Death Penalty.


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