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Peyton Manning and John Elway are Pure Evil

Author: John Corippo
Published: March 20, 2012 at 5:43 pm


John Elway is receiving a bunch of praise for luring Peyton Manning into the mountains of Colorado...at the expense of his franchise.

I get it. Peyton Manning is this generation's quarterback. The guy that took the torch from Elway, Montana, Marino. Problem with Manning going to Denver is that he is killing one of the best stories in the NFL. Tim Tebow had won over the Bronco fans, despite Elways attempts to destroy his momentum. Tebow found ways to win when everyone expected him to fail. He took a team drowning in failure and not only willed and prayed them into the playoffs, but gave the Bronc's a highlight reel playoff win that will probably never be matched.

Last week it would have been unimaginable for the clean cut older Manning brother to be a villain. However he has become the epitome of evil kicking the only player with a cleaner image than him below the belt and then spitting on him when he hit the ground.

Not only is Manning taking Tebow's job and team, his new boss is kicking dirt in his face by attempting to trade him away when he knows that there will be very little interest in the Florida native. Peyton Manning showed his true colors with this decision, it wasn't about Super Bowls, or loyalty, (San Francisco would have given him rings and Tennessee would have been a homecoming.)

This was about the almighty dollar. 96 million of them over the next five years, and giving Elway the leverage he was desperately seeking to get rid of the kid that does no wrong. This deal hinges on Elway not liking Tim Tebow, never liking Tim Tebow, and wanting to fire Tim Tebow.

Forget that Manning playing in Denver is laughable, part of his success has been the dome over his head in Indy. Has he looked at a weather report for Denver in November and December? Elway has put his franchise one good QB sack away from being the laughing stock of the NFL.

John will then need a savior, and guess who is probably going to be sitting on his bench waiting for the opportunity to step up for the Broncos? If I were in Denver I wouldn't halt production of those #15 Jesus jerseys just yet.


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