Top 5 SuperBowl Commercials of 2012

Author: Jesse Bauer
Published: February 03, 2012 at 10:13 am

On February 5th 2012 in Indianapolis, two of the best teams in the NFL will go head to head in the greatest day of the year called SuperBowl XLVI. During that day, the National Football League has, as always, got a lot in store for us, including a half time show with Madonna, four full quarters of football greatness, and classic TV entertainment. Of course, there's one more thing to look forward to, and that's the TV commercials during the game. It's become as anticipated as the big game itself, with companies spending $3 million per 30 seconds during the SuperBowl. You could quickly imagine how much revenue that brings in when a 3.5 hour long airing could show anywhere between 60 - 90 minutes of commercials. Yeah, it's a lot!

As many of the commercials have been showing teasers online, let's look at the Top 5 commercials to catch during the game. They're all good in many ways, but these are the ones that will be remembered afterwards, regardless if the Patriots or the Giants win it all.

Acura brings back Seinfeld in an ad which looks at the new Acura NSX. Jery wants to buy, but has a hard time convincing the guy who got there to buy it first. Jerry tries to bribe him with several techniques, mainly from spots seen on the Seinfeld show. It's worth a few laughs, maybe purely for nostalgic reasons.

Honda CR-V brings back Ferris Bueller, which actually is just supposed to be Matthew Broderick as himself rather than Ferris, but the ad is full of references to that movie we all love. Without ruining the ad, I'll simply say, it may be the best commercial of this Superbowl year, and it's worth a watch.

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