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After 76 Years a Brit Finally Wins the US Tennis Open

Author: Carole Di Tosti.
Published: September 11, 2012 at 5:32 pm

Andy Murray reaching for a touch shot from Djokovic 

Raging wind, rain, tornadoes, rain delays, the absence of Roger Federer and Rafael Nadal! What more could Andy Murray want from the 2012 US Tennis Open, especially after having a bang up year winning the gold at the London Olympics to boost his confidence? With Sir Sean Connery in the stadium, a fellow Scot to cheer him on, Murray played a suspenseful roller coaster 5 set match against Novak Djokovic and brought in the win for himself, his mom, Sir Sean, Pippa, Queen and country to be the reigning 2012 US Open Tennis Champion. The moment was historical because he is the first Brit to have won the US Open in 76 years, and he's Scottish! Take that England! William Wallace must be leaping out of his grave, so to speak.

Murray "deserved to win," Novak Djokovic said in post match interviews. But there are factors that certainly contributed to help him. The wacky weather that produced freak tornadoes in areas of Queens, rain postponements and level three evacuation emergencies out of Arthur Ashe Stadium for Saturday evening caused the men's finals to be moved to Monday and the Djokovic semi-final match with Ferrer to be moved to Sunday. This rescheduling contributed to Murray's being well positioned against Djokovic.

Saturday, after the storms, there was enough sunshine for some matches, including Murray's against Berdych in the first leg of the Men's Semi-Final. Murray had a grueling struggle against Tomas Berdych combating not only the stress of the match being rain delayed and the concern that the match might not be finished because of returning rain but also because of the bizarre, swirling winds which, in fact, turned out to be Murray's friends. The ferocious 25 mile an hour blusters and gusts destroyed Tomas Berdych's power game and blitzkrieg serve, one of the fastest in the men's game. It was Berdych's serve that helped to blowout a distracted Federer and get Berdych into the semi-finals.

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