The Best 6 Archery Tips for Beginners

Author: Harry Hunter
Published: November 26, 2010 at 2:46 pm

Eager to practice your new hobby, you make your way to the archery range and start shooting. Your shots are not going where they’re supposed to go, frustrating you. This occurs with many beginners, and to help, here are the most useful 6 archery tips that will help you improve your abilities and precision:

  • Consistent anchor points: An anchor point is the place on your face where you pull the string back to consistently. This anchor point should be exactly the same all the time for a consistent grouping of shots. The most common is putting the index finger right below your chin with the bowstring barely touching the tip of your nose, but you should test different anchors and find the most comfortable anchor points for you.
  • Bow Handle grip: Your grip on the bow handle should be lax and comfortable. Your first instinct might be to grip the bow hard to stabilize it, but it has the contrary outcome. A hard grip on the bow will cause it to twist and rotate, leading the arrows to lean right or left.
  • Follow through: It is important to follow through with the shots by keeping your bow arm up and keeping your focus on the archery target until the arrow lands. Otherwise, it is very common to lower the bow earlier than you’re supposed to which causes the arrow flight path to be changed downward, leading innacurate shots.
  • Focus and concentration: Whether you’re doing target archery, 3D archery, or bow hunting, it is vital to concentrate and focus on one precise spot that you want to hit. You will unconsciously aim at that specific area. It is difficult to stay focused all the time, but all you need to do in archery is concentrate on that spot for at most 10 seconds as you aim and shoot.
  • Relax: Easier said than done for most people. Relax and clear your mind before you take a shot. A great way to do this is to inhale deeply as you’re about to aim, followed by one last big breath, and let it out gradually right before releasing the bowstring. A deep breath will calm your nerves and allow you to aim better. When uneasy or nervous, your technique will worsen and you are more likely to suddenly move the bow and ruin your aim. Being relaxed will easily help your focus and concentration on the target.
  • Practice: Practice is exceptionally important because it allows you to put in use everything you learned to perfect your technique. You can search for all the tips you want, but if you don’t practice them, and you don’t consistently do it, then your abilities will not advance. A great quote I had read before about practice and mastery: “At the heart of it, mastery is practice. Mastery is staying on the path.”
  • There is much more to archery form and technique, and there are more aspects of archery that come into play when in the field, but these archery tips will go a long way in helping you improve your skills and precision.


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