#WeStormBack Fights To Show Hurricane Sandy The Real Champions

Author: Romey Louangvilay
Published: November 18, 2012 at 7:57 pm

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It’s been a few weeks since Hurricane Sandy ravaged the east coast, causing a scene you would imagine in a zombie apocalypse. Homes were destroyed, trains and public transportation were down and roads were closed. Despite the unfortunate affects, Muay Thai champion and local icon in the Rockaway Beach, NY community, Chris Romulo says, “All it takes it heart.”

Heart will rebuild the east coast and local communities. Few would imagine that the mixed martial arts community would band together and try to raise money and rebuild a community. After all, it seems just like yesterday people were calling the sport and its community members a “human cockfight.” I am a Brazilian Jiu Jitsu student (although I’ve been inactive for awhile) and started training in Muay Thai, therefore I am part of this community – a community that I am proud to say values family more than anything.

Take for example - #WeStormBack. It’s a valiant effort that the east coast mixed martial arts community created to raise awareness and support for the east coast fight scene, specifically the Rockaway Beach community. Hurricane Sandy demolished the livelihoods of many in Rockaway; among those the Romulos’ home, as well as the school they built built two years prior to Sandy.

#WeStormBack efforts will help raise money for Romulo’s family and school, Crom Martial Training.  Romulo retains his hope that Crom will return better than ever, truly exemplifying that it does take heart.

Romulo says, "After being through so many up's and down's in life and my fight career this is just another challenge to test my mind, body and spirit.  Like fighting in the ring, when you get hit with a really damaging blow and the ref decides to give you a standing 8 count to regain your composure, you clear your head and fight back even harder."

To date, tweets have consisted of twitterer RT links, highlighting ways that support the community, ranging from Crom branded t-shirt sales, to charity fight promotions. The positive effects of this campaign are slowly starting to take shape. If you’re lucky enough to be friends with Romulo on his private Facebook, you’ll be privy to view his fans sporting the branded T-shirts to support the #WeStormBack cause.

"Not for one moment have I considered giving up on my students, the people of Rockaway Beach and the community that we call home," Romulo adds. 

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