Why tech founders love rap

Why tech founders love rap

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Guest post by Alex Furmansky, Founder, Budsies

Rappers and founders are equally delusional.

At the onset, nearly every idea is outlandish.  Would swiping really change the dating world?  Would we really let strangers rent out our homes?  Would a few photo filters really create a $1 billion company?  No, no, and no.  But founder must believe the unbelievable.

The right blend of founder charisma and optimism creates an aura of success that ignites others.  And a critical mass of ignitions paired with awesome product turns the unbelievable into reality.

So it is with rappers.  In their early records, even if the rapper might still be hustling to make ends meet, you hear verses about “money, cash, hoes”; the Benzes and the Rolie’s; the Lambo and the Maybach.  More often than not, we hear a hyperbolic version of life: from gold chainz to gold teeth.

The surreal gold in his verses translates into real legitimacy.  We as listeners believe the rapper’s claims.  We believe in his success.  We believe he is the real deal.  We believe in his vision.  We get ignited.

When founders have the dreariest of days, they should put on their headphones, crank up the Kanye, and get harder better faster stronger.

Here are some tracks I recently thumbs up’d on my Pandora rap mix.  Please add more recommendations in comments below!


  • Jay Z
    • Moment of Clarity
    • U Don’t Know
    • Heart of the City
  • Lil Wayne
    • Wasted
    • Blunt Blowin
    • We Be Steady Mobbin’
    • John
    • Drop the World
  • Young Money
    • Trophies
  • Drake
    • HYFR
    • Forever

Here’s a great Pandora rap station

Pandora Radio   Listen to Free Internet Radio  Find New Music

BONUS: When you’re feeling pumped up and are ready to actually do work, I recommend these stations for simple, repetitive tasks since they are high tempo with fewer distracting words:

For tasks requiring more focus, try one of these stations which have slower, less structured rhythms:

* “His” / “her” interchangeable for founders and rappers alike.  When we create a neutral 3rd person pronoun, give me a shout.

** Please don’t yell at me for using the word “hoes”.  It’s a classic lyric that I don’t preach personally.  Send all hatemail towards Jay Z.

*** Thanks to https://twitter.com/adavda for editing

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