Android Devices Now Get 900,000 Activations a Day

Author: Dan Reyes
Published: June 11, 2012 at 7:19 am

Android truly has come a long way from being a small start-up company to being one of the most recognized brand in the world today after being acquired by Google in August of 2005. And guess what? Android is getting bigger each day.

According to a report, Android devices now gets 900,000 activation per day! Very impressive!

This latest numbers came from Android mobile operations chief Andy Rubin himself after a rumor that he's leaving Android in place of a new start-up company called Cloudcar.

To contradict the false rumor that he's leaving Google's mobile division in a statement Rubin had said:

"How a rumor gets factualized: Cloudcar are a group of friends who I give free office space to in my incubator in Los Altos. Revel Touch is another company that shares this space. I'm not joining either one and I don't have any plans to leave Google".

To put things in perspective 900,000 activations a day points to about 625 activations every minute! And this seems to reflect that only new and unique devices of Android tablets and Android smartphones, which means "reactivations" on these devices are not even part of the equation. Wow!

Activating an Android phone means someone got a new phone and entered into an agreement with a carrier of some type to get service. Rubin has previously stated that the number includes tablets, which may not count only Wi-Fi models given a lack of service provider.

With the Android platform getting more popular with the consumers and the brand getting stronger worldwide every day in the OS category, a possibility of 1 million activations per day naturally comes to mind as just a matter of time for the tiny green robot to reach.


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