HTC One X Review

Author: Kyle Leishear
Published: October 01, 2012 at 6:20 pm

HTC has had a run of devices that all look the same.  Yet each one is unique in its own little way.  The HTC One X is no exception.  It looks very similar to the One S yet it is still different.  For that let’s get to the review and if you feel the need to watch a quick review and just have information glossed over and easy to digest then check out the video review I did here.


The HTC One X is a 4.7-inch display and has a slim 8.9mm profile.  Which makes the device feel fantastic in your hands and with its lighter weight won’t make your hands tired holding it.  Going around the body of the phone you see some unique placements of certain keys.  The earpiece speaker is placed in the body shell that wraps around the device.  The volume rocker is a white bar on the right side, the micro-SIM tray is now housed in the shell (which requires a metal pin to access it at the top of the back).  The left edge has the MHL-capable micro-USB port and the headphone and power button are both found on the top.  The back of the device houses the very prominent camera; that is accentuated by a silver ring around it.

The speaker grill belts out plenty of noise, however it lacks a good solid bass feel.  Even if it the HTC One X is one of the first HTC devices to boast some Beats Audio enhancements inside.  If you are talking on the device and turn it on its face the Sense feature will recognize this and automatically go into speaker mode.  Nice little feature.

Underneath the hood you have 32GB of memory, with 26G of this available for the user.  You also have the new Dropbox deal offering an extra 25GB to anyone that registers the device from the One series.  All of this is powered using NVIDIA’s quad-core (plus one) Tegra 3, clocking it at 1.5GHz and different from its incoming LTE variant which uses Qualcomm’s dual-core 1.5GHz Snapdragon 4.  The processor is teamed with 1GB of RAM, plus it also runs Android Beam functionality when certain IPS apps allow it.

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