Politics Are A High Stakes Game

Author: Bryan Cain-Jackson
Published: November 06, 2012 at 6:47 am
  • Today is the day – it’s absolutely imperative that we act so that our voices are heard. While it’s very important for us to cast our votes because in the end it will make a difference, are you asking yourself the questions about what and whom you’re voting for?

    How much do you know about? Do you have a complete understanding? Or are you just following the trends on Twitter and Facebook?

    Civics education in this country has been seriously de-emphasized. No one really knows why. Maybe people just found it boring, I tend to think that it’s important.

    Well, if you haven’t gotten your knowledge through a civics education class – which by the way, should be considered the proper way, then you might want to test your knowledge of all things politics before heading to the polls today.

    There’s a game out there that’s gaining some momentum that I like to play called High Stakes Politics. It’s a trivia game that tests your knowledge of all things politics.

    The game is currently available on Android Google Play, Nook, Kindle Fire, Facebook, Chrome Web Store, and it will be coming soon to iOS.

    Alfred Tom, one of the game’s developers, sat down with me and shared some interesting statistics based on players that answered some of the game’s questions. These stats are taken from a beta test that was conducted in June with the Barnes & Noble Nook.

    25% of players think that election ads are required to be truthful
    44% of players aren’t aware of how big the US federal debt is
    59% of players don’t know how big the US yearly federal budget deficit is

    These are just a few of the interesting stats on the public’s awareness of politics right now. The game is very fun to play but you have to make sure to be careful of the trick questions. Since the game is not specifically geared towards Election Day like other games of its type, it can be played at any point throughout the year, even tomorrow after you’ve casted your vote.

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