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A Holiday Miracle: Tumblr App for iPad

Author: Holly Matheson
Published: December 20, 2012 at 12:04 pm

Tumblr has finally released an app for the iPad and iPad Mini. After dedicating the entire summer to rebuilding and redesigning the iPhone app to meet current native iOS codes, it took only a few short weeks to develop and release Tumblr for iPad just in time for Christmas.

"Once we had all those building blocks in place, we were ready to go for iPad," developer Bryan Irace told The Verge. "It hasn't been something that fell on deaf ears. All of us at Tumblr really wanted it too."

So what exactly can you expect when you download the free Tumblr iPad app? First and foremost, all of the beloved features from the iPhone Tumblr app are still here. Users can still explore new blogs, reblog with a single touch and expect load times to be fast, but there are also a few new iPad-exclusive features. A new navigation sidebar makes it easier than ever before to create new posts, while the landscape view support enhances photos and improves the overall aesthetic. Markdown support, the luxury of reblogging without being connected to Wi-Fi and the ability to access the camera simply by swiping up on the compose button are just a few of the extra features you can expect to see on the Tumblr iPad app.

Since it began focusing on its mobile channels, Tumblr has surged past 20 billion pageviews per month and shows no signs of slowing down. By creating mobile apps that focus on simple design and navigation, more attention can be given to the visual experience that so many have fallen in love with. Now that a sleek new Tumblr app for iPad is here, it's easier than ever to curate, share and reblog everything from links, photos, text, videos and more.

"Tumblr is such a visual medium so this was a natural evolution," said Irace. "It's just beautiful to scroll through your dashboard at a high resolution that puts emphasis on the work photographers and animators are doing."


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