A Net Neutrality Compromise Harms Privacy, Spreads Cybercrime

Author: Lana Holy
Published: August 31, 2010 at 5:57 pm


net-neutrality-compromiseNet Neutrality, Google and Verizon have been in the news recently. Net Neutrality, or open internet, is the principle that an internet service provider (ISP) cannot restrict online content or speed, irrespective of destination. All users are treated the same, whether you are Google, a blogger or gamer.

The controversy heated up recently with Google and Verizon proposing a two tier internet for wireless internet so that large players could charge content companies for faster access or restrict access to certain sites.

In 2005, users were restricted from visiting a P2P site by the broadcaster, Comcast. The FCC ruled against Comcast, but unfortunately this year, the FCC was defeated in federal court and consumers now face the possibility that the government might not be able to defend Net Neutrality principles.

Once we start down the path of compromising Net Neutrality principles, online privacy will once again come under attack and this will result in a new wave of ID fraud and cyber crime. The Comcasts and Verizons of this world want to regulate the internet so that they can automatically slow down or reject connections with certain IPs (Internet Protocol address) and charge accordingly.

But what is not clearly understood is that to distinguish and charge, the data has to be analyzed for IP addresses and other personal information (if you have blue hair, go to the back of the bus).

To some extent this already takes place with television channels available on the net controlled by restricted access based on national IPs. If you are American and living in the Philippines, you know how difficult it is to watch US TV content outside of the US. The only way to do so is by changing your IP with a local US IP address so that you can watch your favorite American shows.

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