Adobe Photoshop Elements 10 Review

Author: Kyle Leishear
Published: March 06, 2012 at 5:43 am

Photoshop Elements has been thought of as Photoshop lite.  Not quite as powerful as the big boy but good enough to hold its own.  With the 10th edition of Adobe Photoshop Elements it has grown quite a lot since its beginning, which at first was a stripped down version of Photoshop, now boasting an impressive set of features.  This version will appeal to casual and serious photographers alike.  The end result is a very impressive powerhouse of software.  Time to see if this version is worthy of an upgrade over Photoshop Elements 9.

Some features include RAW file support, layer masks and Photoshop’s very own impressive content-aware editing, which helps removing unwanted elements from photos a breeze.  You also get to play with the Organizer to help catalog photos and videos.  You also get many automated adjustment features that lots of other bigger programs lack.  Even though it is a streamlined version of Photoshop CS5 many people actually prefer its simplistic approach to photo editing.

In years past Adobe tries to make a major change in its updating of Photoshop Elements, for example in version 9 it added the content-aware editing making it a must have for earlier editions.  Now Photoshop Elements 10 doesn’t add any groundbreaking editing features; it does improve on the Organizer module, where it beefs up the ability to find specific photos.      

The Elements Editor

Right off the bat you notice that the Smart Brush has gotten an upgrade of 30 new effects and filters.  Smart Brush easily allows you to place a patterned backdrop over a distracting background; you can also use it to restore color to a picture that has been flipped to black-and-white.  With the improved Smart Brush really does backup its namesake.

It can do a better job differentiating elements that any previous version ever did.  Where before selecting a place to modify was once an arduous task it is now just a matter of brushing over them.  A few examples are taking a room full of old posters that might be embarrassing and white washing them out.  Or taking a fun pool of water and with a few swipes you are now able to turn that into a boiling lava pit much like you would find in the Lord of the Rings.

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